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You have a specific goal. You know what you want. You are ready to be accountable to Yourself.

Three Month Small Group Art Incubator


At Aubrey Artworks we view YOU and YOUR goals as our top priority. If you want to be an individual whose work has reach and impact and you want to do things on YOUR OWN TERMS, then, our Accountability Incubator powered by Evók ™ is for you. I’ve worked with students transitioning from high school to college, artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals from all walks of life and I’ve found that the one thing they have in common is that they have a gap between who they are and who they want to be. Our 90 Incubator closes that gap resulting in a more accountable version of YOU!

Small-Group Classes are: $2495.00
(can be divided into three payments)

Private Coaching of Accountability Incubator is: $2995.00
($2750.00 when paid in full).

Accountability Coaching Program

Accountability Coaching Program

  • 90 Day Small Group Class
  • Private Coaching Class
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90 Day Individual & Small Group Accountability Coaching Powered by  Evók

Are you ready to get clear about why you are still struggling?

Are you ready to DESIGN YOUR WHO and do so ON YOUR OWN TERMS?

Enroll in our Three Month Individual OR Small Group Incubator with 

Aubrey Burgess, Certified Intention Coach


 Expand Your Reach, Increase Your Impact, Do On Your Own Terms

* Payments can be made in 3-month installment plan interest-free * 

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About the Course

As a creative you are struggling in that space between being a passionate artist and a prosperous business person. You feel that there is a tradeoff in becoming successful and that it hinders your creativity. You are spontaneous, inspired and creative, but does your balance sheet make sense? You tell yourself that “in order to make money I have to be 90% creative and 10% entrepreneur”. If you know that your art can make a difference and you are open to shifting from being a struggling artist to one who moves with dynamic flow-this is your course! Are you ready to position yourself as an expert at your craft? We solve the problem of helping you design a more effective you.

Aubrey Artworks 90 Day Incubator for Artists uses the BePrint Technology Powered by Evók ™ If you have some business foundation and structure in the arts and sales, and you choose momentum and growth, enroll in this class. If you want to be dynamic across multiple lanes, then this is the course for you. If you have the passion to lead and want yourself and your art in the forefront of the arts community, sign up today!




There are nine simple, yet profound steps to achieve any goal. We know what works, so we've designed a process where these nine steps chart your custom pathway to results.


The gap between you and your goal is your intention. Period. You'll learn a method of measuring, tracking, and shifting your intention level to keep you aligned and on track with your goal.


Efficiency is key. The Inner Game Plan™ tools set you up and guide you through the process in just a few hours so most of your time during this 90-days is focused on living and achieving your goal


ACCOUNTABILITY STRUCTURE Every week we keep you on track through email, video, and a live coaching call with certified Evók Intention Coaches™ to keep you aligned, and at your target intention level to achieve your goal.

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Aubrey Artworks 90 Day Accountability Incubator for Artists uses the BePrint Technology Powered by Evok ™

9-STEP Accountability Process

Evok Intention Scale ™

Inner Game Plan ™ Shift Sheets and Design Kit

EvokIntention Planner ™

Weekly Live Coaching Sessions

Connection through Creativity

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Feedback from customer

“Through participating in the BePrint program led by Aubrey Burgess, my focus, future and distractions suddenly became clearer and I was able to direct my intentions towards my goals with precision.”
Nana Ama Addo
Aubrey was very patient, understanding, and gave me the time to move forward. I was working on a project and was not able to move forward. Working with BePrint allowed me to assess my challenges and develop a plan to get my book out of the publisher and into the market. I highly recommend BePrint and Aubrey.
Jacqueline Williams